Thursday, November 6, 2014

EBS 12.2 -- adop apply-mode=downtime -- Patching downtime is back!

After a while, after we have face with a lot of throubles -- especially in Virtual Machines and Machines with weak hardware; today we are happy to find out that downtime for the EBS patches have come back :)
Actually it is optional to apply a patch with downtime, but it is more fast and it requires less system resources  as it seems.. On the other hand; with downtime mode; you 'll have an increased system downtime..
As you know, in EBS 12.2; we dont have a maintanence mode anymore .. That's why; to apply a patch with downtime , we only need to stop our application tier services..

What we need to do is ;

1)Source our run environment.
2)Stop our application services
3)adop phase=apply apply_mode=downtime patches=PATCH_NUMBER

With apply_mode=downtime ; adop directly applies the patch .. No patching cycles...

But we need to face the facts;
As Oracle states;
  • Release 12.2 patches are not normally tested in downtime mode.
  • Downtime mode is only supported for production use where explicitly documented, or when directed by Oracle Support or Development.
So unless Oracle supports say that "This patch can be applied using apply_mode=downtime";  you need to solve the problems you may face during the adop downtime patching , by yourself..

There are some examples for these kind of situations;
  • Is it supported to apply 17050005 in downtime mode ? (Doc ID 1916385.1)   ->  If customer is using AD-TXK Delta 5 or above, then it is supported to apply the patch (17050005) in downtime mode.
  • Is It Possible To Apply ALL Patches During An Upgrade From 11i To 12.2.4 With Apply_mode=downtime (Doc ID 1918842.1) -> Can all post-12.2.4 patches can be applied in downtime mode? Yes, all post-12.2.4 patches can be applied in downtime mode as long as the Applications Tier processes have not been started (first time after upgrade).  Can downtime mode be used to apply patches once the upgrade is complete?  No.  Once the system is open for users, all subsequent patches must be applied on-line unless otherwise stated in the Readme or corresponding Note
  • Here another important doc: Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4 Readme (Doc ID 1617458.1) --> adop phase=apply apply_mode=downtime patches=17919161
Okay.. In my opinion;  Oracle suggests and supports this downtime apply mode for the fresh installations, upgrades and  for some specific product upgrades at the moment;
When the system is started to be used by the users ; in other words when we put data into it/ when we start the business processes,  we need to apply our patches online unless otherwise started in the Readme or corresponding note.

To be able to use dowtime mode; you need to upgrade AD-TXK Delta 5, or you need to upgrade to 12.2.4.. Note that you need  to upgrade your AD-TXK DELTA 5 prior to 12.2.4 upgrade anyways :) When you apply AD TXK Delta 5 as a prereq for 12.2.4, you may even use downtime mode during the application of your 12.2.4  upgrade patch.

For  AD-TXK Delta 5 upgrade >

For 12.2.4 Upgrade >
Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4 Readme (Doc ID 1617458.1)


  1. Can we set downtime message in R1.2.2.5 similar to what we have in R12.1 via Sitemap --> Maintenance --> Maintain downtime schedules

  2. No.
    As you may know, Maintenance Mode is not needed or used in Release 12.2. (online patching and etc..)
    It is a subject that is closely related with this downtime messages.
    Probably, that's why there is no such option in EBS 12.2

  3. Got you. I agree with your statement, however, Oracle has not documented this anywhere in MOS for R12.2. hence I was little confused if this option is totally rolled out or is something missing my env.

    Thanks for the information Arslan.

    1. But i want to apply patch in downtime mode then.. how we can notify to end users about scheuled??

  4. You can develop a customization for this and display a custom message...


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