Friday, August 22, 2014

EBS 12.2 -- Another FRM-40735: ON INSERT trigger ORA-01403 error

As you know, In Apps Dba world, we use sql tracing for dealing with these kind of Form Errors..

Using SQL Trace with binds functionality of Oracle Forms, we enable db trace, reproduce the error and analyze the trace to find the reason behind these kind of error..
Sometimes, we can not see the reason or the failing sql directly in the trace. So there are times that we need to use our senses and try the Sql's one by one to find  the cause of these types errors.
In the problem which is described in the screenshot , the problem was there in the following sql;

select *
from apps.hr_legislation_installations
where application_short_name='PER'
and legislation_code is null and STATUS='I'

When we run this sql from our Favourite tool (TOAD: ), we have seen that no rows returned.. On the other hand, it is related with legislative data install , and it was obvious that this  was the big problem..
As a solution, we applied hrglobal (online) and problem  dissapeared..

At the end of the day, we have seen that FRM errors are generic.. They are not the causes , but the result.. So as long as , we have an ORA- there, sql tracing is a good method for diagnosing Form errors.
Lastly, I dont even recommend searching the Oracle Support based on these FRM errors.. If needed, analyze the sql tace and then search the Oracle Support for the findings in your analysis.

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