Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ODA -- Migrating EBS database from a Virtual Machine to ODA BASE (recommeded for optimum Performance)

As for the EBS on ODA implementations (any release 11i,R12 or 12.2), it is highly recommended to use ODA BASE machines for the EBS database tier.
In our practices, we have seen that non-ODA BASE virtual machines encounter I/O problems while dealing with the I/O operations created by the busy EBS 12.2 environments.
We have seen this in real life.
So if you are using Virtualized ODA for hosting your EBS 12.2 environment, or if you plan to use the virtualized ODA for your EBS environments in the future, your EBS database should be placed in ODA BASE virtual servers, as these virtual servers are optimized by Oracle and have the ability to directly reach the ODA hardware.

So even if it is a fresh installation, we recommend migrating EBS database tier to ODA BASE virtual machines, as most of the time we install EBS 12.2 on ODA using Oracle VM templates ,tus our database tier is placed in non-ODA Virtual machines.
Lastly, in order to migrate EBS database from non-ODA BASE vm machines to ODA BASE VM machines, we recommend you to follow the document "Solution-in-a-box: Best practices for deploying Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4 on Oracle Database Appliance" , which can be accessed by the url following:

The steps for migrating an EBS 12.2 database to ODA BASE is clearly documented in "Step 4:Migrate the Database to ODA_BASE"

Note that: if your EBS database version is lower than the Oracle RDBMS software version used in ODA BASE virtual machines, then we recommend you to upgrade your EBS database ersion to the same version as the ODA BASE virtual machines have, before beginning the migration process.
So, if that 's the case; you should follow the release specific documents :
  • If you are upgrading your EBS database to an 11G release such as, then -> 1623879.1, Interoperability Notes E-Business Suite Release 12.2 with Database 11g Release 
  • If you are upgrading your EBS database to an 12C release then ->: 1926201.1, Interoperability Notes Oracle EBS 12.2 with Oracle Database 12c Release 1

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