Thursday, January 28, 2016

ODA X5, ACFS / 2TB ASM bug + ACFS bug

Recently I released a blog post for informing you the requirement to use ACFS in new ODA X5 platform.
ACFS is required because the disks delivered with ODA X5 are bigger than 2TB and ASM has a bug when using 2 TB disk sizes.

I mentioned about the corruption which may be caused by using disks sized more than 2 TB with ASM and in this post, I want to give you the details about it, because I discovered another Oracle support note which talks about similar bug in ACFS as well.

So , as documented below, a corruption may be caused by having disk devices larger than 2tb in ASM environment. Here is a bug record about that: Bug 19012119 : ORA-15196 WITH 5TB DISK SIZE IN 12.1

Using ACFS is a workaround for this problem and that's why it s a must in ODA X5, but here is a note introcuding another bug which is related directly with using Devices larger than 2 TB with ACFS in ODA X5..
Bug is affecting the ODA X5 environment , which have software versions or
ALERT Diskgroup Corruption Due to Invalid ASM Block Header [ENDIAN_KFBH] for Devices Larger Than 2TB with ADVM Volume on X5-2 ODA - and Only (Doc ID 2038152.1)

Just wanted to inform you ..

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