Saturday, March 16, 2013

Migration to new disks (cold-- direct copy)

Here is the method I used for migrating a production database to new , fast disks.. The operations was an offline operation and  last 1 hour (db size = 65gb )

Gather the list of datafile, controlfiles and redologs
backup controlfile to trace..
Stop Listener
Stop database
copy datafiles, controlfiles and redolog file to new location
copy oracle home to new location
change ownerships
change environment variables (if necessary)
change init.ora
relink oracle home ( before running change the oraInst.loc to point the relevant oraInventory)
startup nomount database
recreate controlfile ( from the trace of the controlfile -- modified to reflect new filename paths )
mount and open the database
open the listener
register database to listener (alter system register)
Control datafiles, controlfiles, redologfiles, alert log , listener log, list of open files (for linux use lsof)

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