Monday, April 15, 2013


FND_TNS_LISTENER_PORTS table stores the listener information.
I didnt trace it , but in my opinion, apps tier autoconfig queries this table, and retrieves the listener port.
Especially s_apps_jdbc_connect_descriptor in CONTEXT_FILE is updated by autoconfig using FND_TNS_LISTENER_PORTS table .
s_apps_jdbc_connect_descriptor variable is not related with port pool defined in apps tier CONTEXT_FILE.
This explains s_apps_jdbc_connect_descriptor related issues like "this parameter is not updated even after apps tier autoconfig and etc..), and the solutions of this issues; run db tier autoconfig first.

In brief ( In my opinion);

Db tier autoconfig updates FND_TNS_LISTENER_PORTS with the listener port (from db tier context file).
Apps tier autoconfig read this table and updates its context file(s_apps_jdbc_connect_descriptor), and make configurations..

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