Friday, April 5, 2013

Oracle Export / Import compatability

When using export(exp) import(imp) utilities to transfer data and db structures between different version Oracle databases; compatability information below should be considered;

You should export the data using exp utility from the lower database home and import the data using the imp utility in target database home..

For example; if you should transfer data from 10g to 9i using exp/imp method. Then use 9i exp utility and connect to 10g using Tns. Export the data from 9i home (connecting to 10g database) and then import the exported data using 9i imp utility into 9i database.

Below is related info from Oracle Support;

Summary Export/Import compatibility:

1. Export the data with the Export utility of the lowest database version involved.

2. Import the data with the Import utility of the target database.

Additional information about exp/imp compatability:

Dump files generated by the Export Data Pump are not compatible with dump files generated by the original Export utility.

Exporting with an Oracle7 Export utility from an Oracle9i or higher database is not supported.

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