Thursday, April 18, 2013

Override address in R12 Notification Mailer

Override address is set to sent all the notification mails to a certain mail address..
If override address is set to a valid email, notification mailer will send all the mails to the address specified in override address.

To set override address and put it into use; a certain process should be followed.

First; overried address is set through the following steps,

*Log into Oracle Applications Manager
*Navigate: Site Map / Administration tab / Workflow section / Notification Mailer / View Details / Set      Override Address Button
*Give a valid Email Address / Submit

When pressed submit button; notification mailer will send a verification mail to the override address set in Noticatin Mailer properties.  This is for verification..
The verification code in the verification email must be entered in order to activate override address functionality.

Tip: In my opinion; override address can be used in test,dev,lab,preprod,uat environments for generally test purposes.

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