Thursday, May 16, 2013

EBS - Manually Registering Nodes

If autoconfig somehow fails to register or does not register/remove , you can manually register/remove nodes,servers and systems using fnd_net_services package. Note that, this procedure method should not be the preferred method for adding/removing the nodes and servers. It should be used under certain circumstances. (For example : Cloning a TEST instance and there is no time to investigate why autoconfig and postclone do not register the db node)

Fnd_net_services package has following functions and procedures.

Fnd_net_service package spec defition in R11:

procedure register_dbnode(SystemName varchar2,
ServerName varchar2,
SystemOwner varchar2,
SystemCSINumber varchar2,
DatabaseName varchar2,
InstanceName varchar2,
InstanceNumber varchar2,
ListenerPort varchar2,
ClusterDatabase varchar2,
ServiceName varchar2,
RemoteListenerName varchar2,
LocalListenerName varchar2,
HostName varchar2,
Domain varchar2,
OracleHomePath varchar2,
OracleHomeVersion varchar2,
OracleHomeName varchar2,
InterconnectName varchar2,
InstanceSid varchar2,
platform varchar2,
alt_service_instance_1 varchar2 default null,
alt_service_instance_2 varchar2 default null,
alt_service_instance_3 varchar2 default null,
alt_service_instance_4 varchar2 default null,
alt_service_instance_5 varchar2 default null,
alt_service_instance_6 varchar2 default null,
alt_service_instance_7 varchar2 default null,
alt_service_instance_8 varchar2 default null,
VirtualHostName varchar2 default null

procedure register_appnode(SystemName in varchar2,
ServerName in varchar2,
SystemOwner in varchar2,
SystemCSINumber in varchar2,
HostName in varchar2,
Domain in varchar2,
RPCPort in varchar2,
PriOracleHomePath in varchar2,
PriOracleHomeVersion in varchar2,
PriOracleHomeName in varchar2,
AuxOracleHomePath in varchar2,
AuxOracleHomeVersion in varchar2,
AuxOracleHomeName in varchar2,
ApplTopPath in varchar2,
ApplTopName in varchar2,
SharedApplTop in varchar2,
ToolsInstanceAlias in out nocopy varchar2,
WebInstanceAlias in out nocopy varchar2,
ToolsDatabaseAlias in out nocopy varchar2,
WebDatabaseAlias in out nocopy varchar2,
SidDefaultAlias in out nocopy varchar2,
JDBCSid in out nocopy varchar2,
isFormsNode in varchar2 default 'Y',
isCPNode in varchar2 default 'Y',
isWebNode in varchar2 default 'Y',
isAdminNode in varchar2 default 'Y',
platform in varchar2,
in varchar2 default 'N'

procedure remove_dbNode ( SystemName in varchar2,
ServerName in varchar2,
DatabaseName in varchar2,
InstanceName in varchar2,
Domain in varchar2

procedure remove_AppNode ( SystemName in varchar2,
ServerName in varchar2

procedure remove_Server ( SystemName in varchar2,
ServerName in varchar2

procedure remove_System ( SystemName in varchar2 );

procedure show ( SystemName in varchar2);

procedure show_tnsalias ( p_info in varchar2,
p_tns_alias_guid in raw );

Example: Suppose you cloned the PROD instance as TEST instance. Clone was successful, but you are not able to login the new instance. You query the fnd_nodes table and see that db node is not registered..
connect as apps user, run the fnd_net_services.register_dbnode procedure as follows;

EXEC fnd_net_services.register_dbnode('TEST',
'Oracle Apps',

This will register hosterman as db node..

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