Monday, July 15, 2013

EBS-- Common Client Problems & Solutions

As is known ; Oracle E-Business Suite's client interface is provided through HTML for HTML-based applications, and via a Java applet in a Web browser for the traditional Forms-based applications.

However; it s undeniable that Oracle E-Business Suite users encounter browser and java problems time-to-time..

Although, these problems seems causeless from their perspectives, there is always a reason that makes the browser not to perform as expected.
In addition to that, most of the times Apps Dba's have to deal with this client problems, and this process annoys the Apps Dba's, as they have a lot of real admin stuff to do..

So, I decided to write this post to throw a light on this problems. I tried to sum up the experiences, known issues and browser/java/OS certifications in one post.

  • Make sure hostname of the environment that you are trying to connect, is defined in your dns or /hosts file correctly.
  • Ensure proper version of Java installed on your client. For example: If environment uses Java, then your client should have at least Java installed.
  • Ensure your browser's pop up blocker is disabled.
  • Make sure, unnecessary add-ons are disabled.
  • Make sure, java plugin is detected and enabled by your browser..
  • If your browser is Google Chrome, then ensure your java plugin is 32 bit. Dont forget to add Oracle EBS R12&11i Enablement to Chrome.
  • IF your registry is corrupt/inconsistent and if this problem prevent you to install or delete java plugins; use "Fix it" program in Microsoft Support and clean out the inconsistency.
  • Even if you use a certified version of Internet Explorer, and even if you set all the things correctly, Oracle Forms can still have problems (like not opening without any error or warning). If this is the scenario, Use IE options> advanced > reset to reset the IE.. 3rd party software can damage the IE configuration..
  • If you use Internet Explorer 10, and if the menus in the EBS pages display “undefined” responsibility names and buttons garbled, use compatability settings in tools menu .
  • Ensure you have correct proxy settings.
  • Oracle recommends that customers running Oracle E-Business Suite through Internet Explorer (IE) should use a 'Medium' security setting through the 'Trusted Sites'zone in the browser at runtime. This setting does not automatically download the oaj2se.exe file from the middle tier if the user does not already have the appropriate version installed on their desktop.
  • IE9 users running in 'IE9 Browser Mode' will see misalignment of the buttons and text as well as changes in the font within certain FWK pop ups, in this case use compatability settings in tools menu .
  • If you receive an 'Unable to authenticate session' error in your browser, use  Tools -> Internet Options -> General (tab) -> Browsing History -> Delete (button).
  • If you encounter cross-site scripting error, a server side operation will be needed.. That is, Forms redeploy will be needed.. Contact Apps dba for this.
  • Check support note 389422.1 for the updates, and environment specific known issues..
  • If you cant open forms, and see jar signing exception in your java console while opening forms;
  • java.lang.SecurityException: Found unsigned entry in resource #name of the applet#
    You should do the following;
    control panel
    General Tab
    Temporary Internet File
    Settings button
    List item
    New Dialog : Temporary Files Settings dialog
    disable the option : keep temporary files on my computer.
Users who cant open forms in Google Chrome, even with the EBS Enablement, should check their Chrome version. A recent Chrome update may break the code. If so, they can uninstall the current version and install an older version of Chrome using the following url:
  • Use a certified client environment; certification table for IE, Safari and Firefox is like below;

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