Wednesday, July 3, 2013

RAC -- Important fundamentals about listeners in Oracle RAC 11g Release 2

  • With Oracle RAC 11g Release 2 using SCAN is the default.
  • SCAN is a combination of an Oracle managed VIP and a listener.
  • The SCAN listener represents a standard Oracle listener used in a certain way.
  • As with other listeners, there is no direct communication between the node and the SCAN listeners.
  • The listeners are only aware of the instances and services served, since the instances (PMON) register themselves and the services they host with the listeners.
  • The instances use the LOCAL and REMOTE Listener parameters to know which listeners to register with.
  • Any node listener is recommended to be run out of the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home, although the home that a listener uses can be specified.
  • Listeners used for a client connection to Oracle RAC should be managed by Oracle Clusterware and should be listening on an Oracle managed VIP.

    Ref Doc: RAC: Frequently Asked Questions [ID 220970.1]

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