Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Linux -- Process states and descriptions

TASK_RUNNING: The process is either running on CPU or waiting in a run queue to get scheduled.
TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE: The process is sleeping, waiting for some event to occur. The process is open to be interrupted by signals. Once signalled or awoken by explicit wake-up call, the process transitions to TASK_RUNNING.
TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE: The process state is similar to TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE except that in this state it does not process signals. It may not be desirable even to interrupt the process while in this state since it may be in the middle of completing some important task. When the event occurs that it is waiting for, the process is awaken by the explicit wake-up call.
TASK_STOPPED: The process execution is stopped, it's not running, and not able to run. On receipt of signals likeSIGSTOP, SIGTSTP, and so on, the process arrives at this state. The process would be runnable again on receipt of signal SIGCONT.
TASK_TRACED: A process arrives at this state while it is being monitored by other processes such as debuggers.
EXIT_ZOMBIE: The process has terminated. It is lingering around just for its parent to collect some statistical information about it.
EXIT_DEAD: The final state (just like it sounds). The process reaches this state when it is being removed from the system since its parent has just collected all statistical information by issuing the wait4() or waitpid() system call.

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