Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OID-- Database --Unable to call fnd_ldap_wrapper ORA-20001: fnd_ldap_wrapper.create_user

This error can be seen in EBS and OID integration.

Suppose you integrated OID and EBS, and EBS logins through OID works perfectly.
On the other hand; you encounter this error while creating an EBS user..

First of all to investigate further ; you need to open FND Debug and get the details about the error;

After enabling the debug option through the FND: Debug% Profiles, reproduce the issue and query the fnd_log_messages table to get the details..

In my case; the error was;
LDAP error : ORA-31203: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL - Init Failed.

So it was obvious that ldap session can not be created,  It fails on Inıt.

If that 's the case;

To narrow down your scope, you can test creating a session directly from the EBS database.
Execute the following from the EBS database with the APPS user; (replcase oid_host and port with yours)

my_session DBMS_LDAP.session;
my_session := DBMS_LDAP.init('oid host','port');
retval := DBMS_LDAP.open_ssl(session1, null, null, 1);
dbms_output.put_line('open_ssl returns: '|| to_char(retval));
retval := DBMS_LDAP.simple_bind_s(my_session,'cn=orcladmin','');
dbms_output.put_line('simple_bind_s returns: '|| to_char(retval));
retval := DBMS_LDAP.unbind_s(my_session);
dbms_output.put_line('unbind_s returns: '|| to_char(retval));

If the above will fail with the same error, then you can say that the problem between the EBS database and OID server..
In my case; the problem was the firewall..
The oid port was not open between EBS database server and OID server ..
The OID server/port cannot be reached from the EBS database server. (use telnet to test; telnet oidhost oidport)
Solution: Security team opened the port between EBS database Server and OID server..

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