Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HP DL,BL series and Oracle Enterprise Linux support Matrix

I share this support information, because  we tried to install Oracle Enteprise Linux 4 on an HP DL Gen8 server and unfortuneatly, ended up with unable to find any devices error. We choosed Oracle Linux 4 because we wanted to use HugeMem option in order to address 64 gb memory on a 32 bit OS.
However; the Linux installer could recognize neither dvd/cd rom nor local disks ..
These seems because, the drivers for these kind of Hp hardware are not shipped by Oracle Linux 4... Anyways, HP does not certify installing Oracle Linux 4 into its new generation hardwares..

Here is the support Matrix for Oracle Enterprise Linux & HP BL,DL server series..

Please visit Hp support for more information

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