Wednesday, November 27, 2013

RDBMS -- Oracle Database Presentation

Acutally I have prepared and presented this presentation to developer who have been using Oracle Database for development and data analysis. I tried to create a dba perspective on them.
In this presentation, you can find the following topics;

Click here to reach the slides of the presentation..

Presentation Name :
Oracle Database for Developers
File Name: ORACLE_DATABASE_snip_by_Earslan.ppsx


Primary Components
Oracle Instance
Oracle Database
Memory Architecture(pga, sga, Shared pool, buffer cache, ...)
Processes (user,server,background)
Diagnostic Files
Trace Levels (Tracefiles, tkprof)
Redo & Undo
Async Commit
Row Migration & Chaining
Indexes( stats, constraint , clustering factor, index and cbo, notes)
Locks (blocking locks, identifying, v$lock)
Auto_trace (sqlplus)
Execution Plan / Explain Plan

Tom Kyte //
Richard Foote //Oracle Index Internals
Donald Burleson //
Pavan Kumar >
Natalka Roshak //What is blocking my lock
Michael Messina // Indiana University
Oracle //

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