Friday, December 6, 2013

EBS R12-- Cloning Oracle Applications Database -- compatible parameter ApplyRmanDatabase.class

While cloning Oracle EBS/Applications Database using ad utilities, you can encounter a problem with compatible settings.. I mean, if the compatible parameter of your Source Database is something like or , you can encounter this problem..In detail, Oracle Apps Dba's usually use ad utilities to clone EBS databases. While the adclone utility ( is cloning the database, it creates a temporary init.ora.. It uses this initSID.ora.tmp file to open the cloned database in the first place. The problem is that uses a class named ApplyRmanDatabase.class, and this class sets the compatible parameter.. 

Actually this class generates the initSID.ora.tmp.. For a 11gR2 database, this class writes compatible=11.2.0 in to temporary init.ora.. 

It is hardcoded.. It designed so, because EBS of the compatability issues, I guess.

Anyways, I decoded the class, and here is the line that writes compatible=11.2.0 into the initSID.ora.tmp file..

if(dbVersion != null && dbVersion.startsWith("db112")) m_InitTmpFile.println("compatible=11.2.0.")

So , to fix this and to be able to open your database, this line in ApplyRmanDatabase.class should be changed to something like ;

--suppose you have compatible database.if(dbVersion != null && dbVersion.startsWith("db112")) m_InitTmpFile.println("compatible=");

You can do this actually .. You can change and recompile the code with the same Java version that your EBS uses, but it is not supported..( it sound like right? :)

So, if you face this problem, please contact Oracle Support, and request the patched version of ApplyRmanDatabase.class , according to your needs.

I have faced this problem in an EBS 12.1.3 Production instance...
The version of the java class was "120.10.12010000.10" .

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