Monday, December 16, 2013

Oracle--Sharing Direct Links/Urls for Oracle Support/MOS documents

When we want to share an Oracle Support document with your collegue, we usually shared the document id by an email.. 

So, here is another way of sharing Oracle Support content.. As you below, we can share a direct link pointing to Document itself.. When you click these kind of Oracle Support Link, browser will reach the Oracle Support and after user/pass verification, Oracle Support will open the document directly.

You can use the following template to share the document links... ID <-- place the doc id here

For example;

On the other hand; sharing the document links directly by copying and pasting the url from the browser, is not a good method. 
Using this method, the document that will be displayed, may be different than you want to share :)

For example, following is a link that was gathered from the browser. It can be seen that it has 1080037.1, so one would think that this link will open the document with id 1080037.1, but in my computer it points to document with id 1592445.1 :)

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  1. Hi,
    this format is much more reliable because of the oracle's magnificent link architecture :)


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