Friday, January 31, 2014

RDBMS --expdp ORA-39095: Dump file space has been exhausted

When exporting the whole database using datapump, ORA-39095 can be encountered. It seems it is caused by an unpublished bug 7486649 and fixed in version 11.2..
The reason behind the error seems to be the FILESIZE parameter used with expdp command..
The workaround is to increase the size used in FILESIZE parameter or to not to use the FILESIZE parameter at all..

I have faced this problem with a EBS database. 
I checked Oracle Support. Related Oracle MOS documents say using the dynamic format can prevent this error to arise, but I already tried that and it was not the solution for me.

The solution I applied was increasing the FILESIZE parameter. By increasing the FILESIZE parameter you will have less number of dump file pieces and you wont get ORA-39095 while exporting your big size database. Because it seems sometimes datapump throws this error even if you set your dumpfile parameter to support several number of dump file pieces (like 99 -> with dumpfile=fullexp%U.dmp)

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