Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Expdp -- ORA-31693 ,ORA-31617, Linux-x86_64 Error, cluster parameter

While exporting a Rac database you can encounter following errors;

ORA-31693: Table data object OWNER:TABLE failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error:
ORA-31617: unable to open dump file "/erman/expimp/fullexp02.dmp" for write
ORA-19505: failed to identify file "/erman/expimp/fullexp02.dmp"
ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
Linux-x86_64 Error: 2: No such file or directory

These errors are encountered , because the filesystem used for exporting the database is mounted only on one of the nodes, and you use parallel export option.. When you use parallel option in datapump and if it s a Rac database, datapump workers can go to the other nodes, too..

So if you can not mount the export filesystem to all the nodes and want to use parallel export, I recommend you to use cluster parameter(introduced in 11gr2) .. Cluster parameter determines whether Data Pump can use Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) resources and start workers on other Oracle RAC instances.Cluster parameter is TRUE by default, and as you imagine, this setting triggers the problems above..
So to workaround the problem, you can set this parameter to false (cluster=no)
By setting cluster=no, you force Data Pump Export to use only the instance where the job is started...

Ex: expdp hr DIRECTORY=ermandmpdir DUMPFILE=erman.dmp CLUSTER=NO PARALLEL=4

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