Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oracle E-Business Suite R12 on Exadata X2

As far as I know, this was the first "EBS R12 on Exadata X2" implementation in Turkey.. The year was 2011.
The work was a POC event, planned to prove the speed of an Exadata powered EBS environment.
In this POC, we installed EBS R12 on Exadata X2 , configured it application-to-database load balance and failover.. Finally, we run our tests and prepared a presentation accordingly..

We made this work in Linkplus, which is the distributer of Oracle in Turkey... Linkplus supplied a quarter rack Exadata x2 and two virtual application servers for our POC.
We had witnessed a significant gain in performance of Oracle EBS R12 both on its OLTP flavoured screens and batch jobs..

You can take a look at the presentation we prepared at that time.

Click for EBS on Exadata X2 presentation. 

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