Thursday, March 27, 2014

Exadata -- Learning Path

To start learning Exadata , you can follow one of the learning paths in Exadata- Learning Path below.
I dont want to say that you need to attend the related courses to get those skills, but  somehow you need to learn the pieces composing this Engineered System.. Otherwise, your knowledge about Exadata will be shallow.

In many cases, we use single admin for Exadata, on the other hand; following Learning Path describes different roles(which is the desired method I think) for managing Exadata.

In my opinion following skills should be enough for administrating Exadata Machine as a whole ;
Database Administration
Rac Administration
Oracle Linux Administration + Oracle Solaris Administration (if your compunte nodes are Solaris)
Exadata Database Machine Administration

Any extra skill to the above skill will be easy to learn and a bonus I think :)

Here is the Oracle 's Learning Path for Exadata;

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