Wednesday, April 16, 2014

EBS-- Oracle EBS 12.2.0 Fresh Installation

EBS 12.2.0 fresh installation is similar to EBS 12.2.0 Vision installation, except it takes less time and disk space to install Fresh EBS 12.2 than Vision EBS 12.2.

I will not go into details about preparing and post installation steps of EBS installation process , as I have already covered those in my earlier post which was about the Vision installation.
In Fresh install, you only need to consider the modules/product to license, additionally.
I m sharing the screenshots of the rapid install utility, which were taken durint the fresh installation of EBS 12.2.
On the other hand, I strongly suggest to upgrade EBS 12.2.0 to 12.2.3 , as it is required for support. In other words, Oracle requires it. I can be acceptable to use Vision 12.2.0, but in case of Fresh install you need to upgrade 12.2.0 to 12.2.3 after the installation directly, as Fresh install environments are used for TEST, DEV and Productions.. I will write another blog post about upgrading 12.2.0 to 12.2.3, soon ..
Also it is important to build the stage with the start CD , as it will save you time during the upgrade.. Because with, your components come patched automatically. So if you use start cd, you can get over required patches section of 12.2.3 upgrade by only applying 5-10 patches.

Okay , all the other pre and post install requirements of EBS 12.2.0 installation can be found in my post below; installation: Rapidwiz

Continue with 12.2.3 upgrade. In couple of days, I will write a blog post for that, as well.

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