Friday, April 11, 2014

Linux -- boot hangs "Mounting Cifs Filesystems"

While booting the Linux, you can encounter a hang problem if you have cifs or nfs mounts defined in your /etc/fstab file..
Like this;

The problem can be an unreachable network drive or a cifs share that requires a password.
If it is a password problem, you can try pressing Enter multiple times and wait. Maybe pressing the Enter key can make the linux to skip the cifs mount , as the cifs host will reject the multiple failed login attempts..
Anyways, if you cant boot your linux and want to edit your fstab file even if you cant boot properly..
Follow the steps below;

While booting, press ESC in the grub menu
choose the desired boot line and press 'e’'to edit that entry
Add "single" (with a space in front of it)kernel parameter to the end of the kernel line ; kernel /vmlinuz-blabla ro root=/blabla blabla single
Press enter to apply the changes and press b to boot in single user mode.

After booting in single user , check the / root filesystem , if it s not mounted rw, then execute the following to remount it read-write; mount -n -o remount,rw /
Now , you can edit/fix your fstab file , and reboot your machine when it s ready.

Note that; you can alternatively use rw init=/bin/bash kernel argument for doing the same job...

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