Friday, May 30, 2014

EBS R12 -- HR FRM-40735, ORA-01403 PAYWSDET form

You may encounter FRM-40735 in PAYWSDET forms screen.

FRM-40735: ON-INSERT trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-01403
Total Compensation : Basic
Element Description15:19

To reproduce the error:
Global HRMS Manager> Total Compensation : Basic > Element Description   save..
FRM-40735: ON-INSERT trigger raised unhandled exception .

Usually, these kind of errors should be investigated using EBS built in session tracing , unless there is a known issue in Oracle Support.
,To generate a Trace File for Forms Navigate to Menu - Help > Diagnostics Select one of the following options:

Regular Trace
Trace with Binds
Trace with Waits
Trace with Binds and Waits

I prefer trace with binds, as we need to see the bind variable values here, because we are encountering an error based on the data (no data found)
So , after enabling the trace for our form session, a window, which will specify the trace file for our session, will be displayed . After this point, we reproduce the problem in the same session and open the trace to make the analysis.

Okay lets come back to our subject;  I mean to fix the ORA-01403 error in PAYWSDET forms;
I have analyzed the trace file and found the problematic sql..
It was not returning any values..
This was the cause.

As, the query is related with legislations.. I got suspected from Hr Legislative installation... 
So I reapplied hrglobal.drv just in case and that action have fixed the issue. So it must have been some issue with its previous install.

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  1. I have faced with the same problem on R12.2 and applying hrglobal.drv solved it. Thank you Erman


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