Friday, June 6, 2014

EBS R12 - 12.2 installation problem, not able to run DB installer. check staging area

During the prerequisite checks in EBS 12.2 installation, you may encounter the following problem ..
"not able to run DB installer. check staging area.."

This problem is mostly caused by missing permissions in the stage Area, especially the permission of the tool named runInstaller which is used for installation of an oracle database.. 

Rapidwiz (EBS Installer ) wants to run RunInstaller in the prereq check phase, in order to ensure that it can be executed without any problems.. This seems to be required because rapidwiz uses runInstaller in the database tier installation..

So, to fix this error check runInstaller file permission.
This file is located in the stage , exactly in the TechInstallMedia/database directory.,
If there are missing permission in that file.. ( most probably there are..); use "chmod -R 777 database" command to add the permissions .. 
Note that: chmod -R 777 is a high authorization but I dont see any harm on doing that against a directory which is in the stage..

Note that:
Normally, I dont write blog posts for such errors, but I could not find any source for this information, that's why, I thought it can be useful.

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