Monday, June 23, 2014

OVM-- EBS 12.2 DB template -- OAKERR:7044 Error encountered during importing assembly - Cannot find OVF descriptor file

While importing EBS 12.2 PROD database template in to a Virtualized Oracle Database Appliance(ODA) platform, you may get OAKERR:7044 error.

Example command:
oakcli import vmtemplate EBS_12_2_3_PROD_DB -assembly /OVS/EBS/Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ova -repo vmtemp2 -node 0

OAKERR:7044 Error encountered during importing assembly - Cannot find OVF descriptor file.

This error is caused by the files in the ova files.. That is,  oakcl cant handle the situation , if the name of the file packaged in the ova, contains a space character..

As follows;

tar -tvf Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ova.problem
-rw------- someone/someone 13485 2014-02-07 09:16:36 Oracle-E-Business Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ovf
-rw------- someone/someone 17032424448 2014-02-07 10:22:42 Oracle-E-Business Suite-PROD-12.2.3-disk1.vmdk

As you see above, the names for both ovf and vmdk contains empty spaces.. That's why, oakcli cant handle and throws "Cannot find OVF descriptor file" error.

To fix this, you may use tar command in Linux, or a similar tool depending on your platform.
Here is what I did to resolve the problem;

1) First, I extracted the files to a directory called erman_ova_1 
tar xvf  Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ova -C erman_ova_1/
2)Then I changed the file names, and make them not to contain any empty spaces
cd erman1/
 mv Oracle-E-Business\ Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ovf Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ovf
mv Oracle-E-Business\ Suite-PROD-12.2.3-disk1.vmdk Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3-disk1.vmdk
3)Also , opened ovf file and changed all the file names containing space characters.. Note that: the file name to be imported is also written in the ovf file..
4)Then I moved the original ova file to not to overwrite it.
mv Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ova Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ova.problems
5)Lastly I recreated the ova file from the directory where I have modified the filenames..
cd erman1/
tar -cvf /OVS/EBS/Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ova Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3.ovf Oracle-E-Business-Suite-PROD-12.2.3-disk1.vmdk

Note that: ovf file should be packaged first..

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