Tuesday, July 1, 2014

12.2-- WEB ADI// BNE UIX Physical Directory is not configured and BNE-EXCEL200 errors

You may encounter "BNE UIX Physical Directory is not configured"  and BNE-EXCEL2000 errors after installing a fresh 12.2.3 environment and while using WEB ADI.

To fix "BNE UIX Physical Directory" , please ensure that BNE UIX Physical Directory has not set.. It should be empty. If the profile has values, delete them and then clear functional cache as well as bne cache.. Also it is better to restart the application services after modifying that profile value.

To fix "BNE-EXCEL2000 is an invalid Viewer Key "error;  set the GL: Default Desktop Viewer profile option to EXCEL2010 and retest.
Note that: If you dont have this profile option at all, then declare it and set it to EXCEL2010. (How to Create Profile Option GL: Default Desktop Viewer (Doc ID 556280.1)

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