Friday, July 11, 2014

EBS 12.2 -- Apps Dba & System Administration Presentation

While implementing the new EBS 12.2 porjects, we have gathered a lot of release specific information about the product..
We have seen and deployed a partially new architecture , and we have faced some difficulties in getting used to it.
We also reviewed our traditional EBS management and configurations methods , as the logic on the frontend in not so different than the earlier releases.

In this post, I m sharing an Apps Dba presentation prepared for delivering an EBS 12.2 project.
It is used for giving a quick review about the new EBS.
I 'am sharing this with you, because I couldnt see any other 12.2 specific Apps Dba presentations in the web, while I was collecting information for preparing this presentation.
I hope you will find this useful.. It might become handy..

Click here for the slides.

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