Wednesday, August 6, 2014

12.2-- AD.C.Delta.5 and TXK.C.Delta.5 is available!

News from Steven Chan; AD.C.Delta.5 and TXK.C.Delta.5 updates are now available.
Applying these cumulative patch updates seems mandatory, as these updates deliver enhancements and fixes for Online patching tools.

Some important Online Patchings related updates are as follows;

New 'standard' cleanup mode - An optimized default cleanup mode, available in addition to the 'quick' and 'full' cleanup modes.  This is my favorite one as cleanup takes a long time.. Maybe this will decrease the time to make a cleanup. It is default, and optimized.

Log Analyzer Utility - Analyzes adop log directories for errors and warnings, and displays messages to help you identify any problems in an adop run.

New 'cm_wait' parameter - Allows you to specify how long to wait for concurrent processes to finish, before shutting down the Internal Concurrent Manager.

You can download these Release Update Packs using the following links;
I will write an article about applying these release update packs in next week, when I will have an opportunity to use them in real life..

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