Friday, August 8, 2014

EBS 11-- 11GR2 Upgrade DB Interoperability patches

As stated in the documents, to upgrade an EBS 11i database to 11gR2, we need to prepare our application code level to be able to work with a 11gR2 database. This is done by applying EBS 11gR2 interoperability patch.. So after this patch is applied , our EBS 11i system has the ability to work with an 11gR2 Oracle Database.
But what if we apply this patch and contine using an 10gR2 database?
This question comes to our minds, because we may need to continue using our current database for a while before the upgrade.. Consider such a scenario that  we want prepare our source system for the upgrade today, but actually make the upgrade in next week. This scenario can occur where we have a strict limitation in downtime.. Anyways, this means, we need to continue using our current Database till the upgrade day.
We know Oracle , and we know how critic these kind of operations are..
But we also know that this is just a patch, not an upgrade.. Patches are built to fix the bugs, or bring some new features..  As long as it is not stated, patches must not ruin the current things.. In other words; if not stated, patches must not interfere with the system and must not take an capability from the system..
That's why we have dealed with it. We actually didnt tried it yet, but the question was directed to Community and Oracle Support.
Oracle Support confirmed us,  answered the question as follows;

The code must be in place before the db is upgraded. It should not matter at what point the patch is applied.
Therefore if you wish to apply it and then keep running with a 10g database for a while, that should not cause an issue.

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