Sunday, August 10, 2014

ODA-- Vm Manager support on Oracle Database Appliance (X4)

ODA X4 can be used as a  virtualized platform for deploying Oracle VM Servers.
Once the initial configuration is done, you can download and import your Vm templates into the Virutalized ODA platform.. Importing directly the vm machines save us from the excessive time taking installation activities.. (at least for EBS)
The management of the virtualized ODA platform is done by using  Oracle appliance management cli (oakcli)..
Using VM Manager is not possible because of special configuration of ODA. In other words; VM manager is not supported on ODA.
This is a H/W limitation.. We are not be able to use manager for management.
As mentioned above we use the Oracle appliance management cli (oakcli) for VM management on ODA.

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