Wednesday, October 1, 2014

EBS 12.2 -- QA application , QLTPLMDF.fmx nls translation , underlying table: QA_CHARS

Altough you have implemented EBS 12.2.3 and implemented NLS translation by applying a translation patch supplied by Oracle, you may face with translation problems in QLTPLMDF.fmx forms..
The field names and labels can be translated by the patch but the seed data will be still set to English..

Following screenshot was taken from an EBS 12.2.3 environment .. This environment was translated in Turkish.. You may see the labels and field names are displayed in translated language by the problematic data which is displayed in English. Form name : QLTPLMDF..

Okay.. When you analyze the nls translation issue , you see the underlying table is QA_CHARS.
For analyzing translation issue, you can refer to following document;
After analyzing further, you will see that the corresponding TL tables which are the core for the traditional mechanism of Oracle EBS are missing for the tables that feeds the QLTPLMDF form..
That is; the underlying table QA_CHARS has no translation mechanism on it, and that 's exact cause of the issue.

So , the cause is found..
On the other hand; to conclude this, we need to get an answer to the question " Is is a bug; or is it worked as designed?"

Well, it is not a bug, because Oracle says that QA application which this form resides; is not MLS compilant. So it can support Multi Languages.  So the prompts for the collection elements are added to the collection plan are saved with the same language as entered by the user.. That is , it is a designed functionality.  So ,there won't be any Auto translation for this data.

The fix would be to use different instances for using prompts with different languages.
For example ;if we want to see prompt in Turkish language, we need to log on to the Turkish instance and then change the prompt to the Turkish language there.


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