Friday, November 7, 2014

EBS 12.2 -- adop hangs -- adop problem-- case sensitive hostnames

Adop may hang /will not respond / will wait for input / will wait in read,  if your hostname does not match the hostname in $CONTEXT_FILE.

I have seen this even with the following scenario;

Machine's hostname is set to be "VisionR12", but the hostname in $CONTEXT_FILE is "visionr12"
adop hangs/waits on read system call..
Even a difference in case sensitivity may trigger this problem..
We have to pay attention for that.
Dont use Big letters in your hostnames at all. No need.


  1. Hi Erman!
    Yes I have the same problem that adop hangs..
    But the issue is in virtual names: when i do hostname -s as applmgr
    it returns physical name.
    The all installation and config files reference to the virtual name.
    the install was done as rapidwiz -servername virtualname..

    DOnt see in adop -servername option..

    Any suggestion ? Is that Oracle not supporting fully virtualnames ?

    Thanks Linda

  2. Hi Again!
    Yep.. Its not supported such config based on the note "Configuring Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.x Using Logical Host Names (Doc ID 1968231.1)" (section 2.2)

    hostname and uname must return the logical names...

    Need to talk to our Hardware/network admins...


  3. Hi Linda,

    I m responding you a little late, since it is sunday :) anyways, it seems you found the way. So, if you can make your hostname command return the logical name, then your configuration will be supported and you will be using the logical name. But I don't know your purpose of using it. So, if it s a cluster requirement (i.e IBM HACMP), then you need to choose... If this is a test system, you can use a cheat. That is you can create an alias for hostname for only the use of the applmgr OS account, you can bind the alias to a custom script, which returns your logical hostname when it is called :) This just came to my mind, should be tested and verified. Also, this kind of an approach as you can imagine is risky and not supported at all :) (but can be tried as a last resort and only during/for a patch application)

    1. Hi Erman!
      Thanks for reply on Sunday :) Yes, its for HA on IBM HACMP... and yes we, would loose the HA availabity this way to have logical=physical name.
      I can easily change the adop script to use virtual name by hardcoding virtual name as host_name variable. SO, it is cheating.. and not supported at all :)
      We'll think if some alias can do the same thing.

      Its pretty bad Oracle not supporting thiscombintaion of logical/physical names.

  4. Hi Linda,

    If you have no change to do a supported configuration, you can try the hostname wrapper+alias method.
    A more guaranteed answer may be given all the adop scripts; and see what adop does with the hostname.. (what kind of tables it updates with it and so on...) From OS perspective, it does not differ. But imagine a scenario, where an EBS program checks the hostname using gethostname() syscall. .So, it must be tested carefully. Wrapping the syscalls in Linux is possible, but this will affect the system as a whole, so it should not be done for this kind of a situation.
    Also, did you check IBM's documentation? IBM can send a solution for this.


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