Thursday, November 20, 2014

EBS 12.2 - Country-Specific Functionalities

One of my collegue asked me the purpose of Country-Specific Functionalities we choose during the installation of EBS 12.2.

Actually we are talking about the following rapidwiz installer screen here;

As you see above , installer wants us to choose a Region... Normally I choose Turkey in here(as our customers are located in turkey, and their workers are in Turkey and they are Turkish), but doing these things blindly is not a good thing , that 's why I m here writing this post about this particular screen.

Okay, this screen actually provides us an opportunity to activate the standart Product localizations delivered by  the RapidWiz installer. These localizations are delivered in the standard product by Oracle Applications Development.. That 's why the localizations which we install after the installations are called Add-On localizations..

Actually there are 3 type of localization in EBS;

  • Product Localizations: Delivered in the standard product by Oracle Applications Development
  • Add-on Localizations: Delivered by the Regional Field Centers (Add-on Localization Teams) via My Oracle Support
  • Partner Localizations: Delivered by partners including ISVs and system integrators
So , we choose the Product Localization in this screen. As I mentioned before; Product Localizations are standard product features and are installed when you run Rapid Install. You simply need to license those you wish to use; this can be achieved from Rapid Install during the initial install, or from License Manager in Oracle Application Manager at a later stage
You may also notice that there are several countries to choose in this installation screen.

One more thing about this screen; The product localization are actually grouped.. I mean when you choose a country here, you actually activate the product localization of a particular region.. 

Product Localizations are available for Asia Pacific, Europe,Americas, China and India. They are divided into four main categories:

Regional Localizations (JG)
Asia/Pacific Localizations (JA)
European Localizations (JE)
Latin America Localizations (JL)

So, when you choose Argentina here; then Latin American Localizations (JL) will be activated.

In addition to that ; there are other legal requirements that are common for several countries. Those "shared functionalities" are included in the Regional Localizations (JG). JG is automatically activated for any country that require localizations.

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