Monday, December 1, 2014

Discoverer - Viewer , Plus and Desktop differences

These differences are for 10g versions, but they are pretty handy for making a general decision about the product type to use.

Function Desktop Plus Viewer
Create / Edit Query Yes Yes No
View Query With Dynamic Data Yes Yes Yes
BI Beans Based Charting No Yes Yes
Export To Microsoft Excel Yes Yes Yes
Integrated With Oracle Single Sign-On No Yes Yes
Create Worksheet Parameters Yes Yes No
Apply Parameters To Worksheet Yes Yes Yes
Create / Edit Conditions Yes Yes No
Create / Edit Calculations Yes Yes No
Save The Workbook Yes Yes Yes
Schedule Workbooks Yes Yes No
Export To XML ? Yes Yes
Export To PDF No Yes Yes
Drill To Link Yes Yes Yes
Cascading Parameters Yes Yes Yes
OLAP Support No Yes Yes
Command Line Interface Yes No No
Text Area No Yes Yes
Graphs created in Desktop Yes No No
Email Yes No Yes
Drilling to external program Yes No No
Hyperdrill to URL No Yes Display
Cascading Parameters Display Yes Display
Optional Parameters Display Yes Display
Conditional Formatting - (exceptions in Desktop) Yes Yes Yes
Stoplight Formatting Display Yes Display
Editing Stoplight colors No Yes No
Edit worksheet dialog Mandatory Optional No
Interactive Pivoting No Yes Yes
Save to File system Yes No No
Able to pick workbooks by user Display Yes Display
Scheduling workbooks Yes Yes No
Sharing workbooks Yes Yes No
Sharing results of scheduled workbooks No Yes No
Discoverer Connections No Yes Yes
Corporate logo No Yes Yes
Workbook logo Yes No No
Customized screen No No Yes(1) 1 - performed via Admin interface in OEM
Customized look and feel No Yes(2) No 2 - Plus with Sun Java - 1 of 4 types (Browser, Oracle, Plastic and System). Plus with Jinitiator - Plastic defaults to Browser
Bitmaps in title Yes No No
Resize column headings by sliding column separator Yes Yes No
Create new worksheet by dragging out of current workbook Yes No No
Rename worksheets Yes Yes No
Interaction with SSO No Yes Yes
Interaction with Portal No(3) No(3) Yes 3 - workbooks created in Plus and Desktop can be made to display in Portal
Preferences stored in registry Yes No No
Preferences stored centrally No Yes Yes
Choose EUL on log in No(4) Yes Yes 4 - set internally and must reconnect after changing
Analytic function templates No Yes No
Graph templates - only in Plus No Yes No
Count of all rows Yes No No
Uncouple Discoverer from database while creating worksheets No Yes No
Ability to create parameters that use indexes and values No Yes No(6) 6 - cannot create in Viewer but can use if created in Plus
3D heading gridlines No Yes No(6)
Interface Client Java HTML
Change Password No Yes Yes
Able to open multiple workbooks at same time Yes No No
Able to copy worksheets between workbooks Yes No No
Discoverer Timeout No Yes No
Assiging user defined help No No Yes(7) 7 - only but done via OEM
Automatically execute a worksheet No No Yes(8) 8 - performed by passing in URL
Ability to schedule and export in one step - only in Desktop using command line interface and a third-party scheduler Yes(9) No No 9 - using command line interface and third-party scheduler
Export to Excel iQuery - only available in Viewer No No Yes
Export Crosstab to Excel pivot table No Yes Yes
Subqueries - can only be created in Desktop but will work in Plus and Viewer Yes No(10) No(10) 10 - subqueries created in Desktop will work in Plus or Viewer
Calendar style date picker No Yes No

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