Sunday, December 14, 2014

EBS 12.2 -- Multiple records shown in Bank Details page -- Patch 18517084:R12.IBY.C.

I m writing this post, as you may not find this patch information directly in your first search on Oracle Support.. (at least I could not find it in my first try :) )

Anyways ; Patch 18517084:R12.IBY.C saved my day and this patch must be applied as a post requisite after a 12.2.3 upgrade.. I think so because, the issue is obvious..

In EBS 12.2.3 , we had a problem with external bank accounts, as in Bank details Page we were seeing a lot of multiplied records..

After some analysis, it was concluded that the is was not related with data or web pages , it was actually related with the views that the corresponding web pages were using..

Fortuneatly, Patch 18517084 was there to help us, it was a patch for recreating those 3 views..

The view codes come with this Patch were free of problems.. These new view codes have fixed the issue.

Note that : This bug is fixed in 12.2.4 , but if you are in 12.2.3 you need to apply the patch 18517084.18517084 - SUPPLIERS BANK DETAIL PAGE: MANY DUPLICATE BANK RECORDS ARE SHOWN AFTER UPGRADE

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