Sunday, December 21, 2014

EBS -- Analyzing Concurrent Processing --CP analyzer

CP analyzer is a great tool to analyze Concurrent Processing environment in EBS instances.. It gives you a detailed and clear picture in HTML format.. Thus, you gather almost all the information you need to investigate the distinct problem causes  in Concurrent Processing environment, without struggling with OS commands or complicated sql statements..

I strongly recommend to use CP analyzer in making Health Checks for EBS environments.

CP analyzer is available via the following Oracle Doc:
Concurrent Processing - CP Analyzer for E-Business Suite (Doc ID 1411723.1)

CP analyzer can be used in any EBS envrionment with version to 12.2.3 [Release 11.5 to 12.2]

It does te following analysis and provide an HTML for you to view those analysis;
  • Immediate Analysis and Output of Concurrent Environment
    • E-Business Applications Concurrent Processing Analyzer Overview
      • Total Purge Eligible Records in FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS
      • E-Business Suite Version
      • Concurrent Processing Database Parameter Settings
      • Applied ATG Patches
      • Known 1-Off Patches on top of Rollups
    • E-Business Applications Concurrent Request Analysis
      • Long Running Reports During Business Hours
      • Elapsed Time History of Concurrent Requests
      • Requests Currently Running on a System
      • Running Requests
      • Total Pending Requests by Status Code
      • Count Pending Regularly Scheduled/Non Regularly-Scheduled Requests
      • Count of Pending Requests on Hold/Not on Hold
      • Listing of Scheduled Requests
      • Listing of Pending Requests on Hold
      • Listing of Pending Requests Not on Hold
      • Volume of Daily Concurrent Requests for Last Month
      • Identify/Resolve the Pending/Standby Issue, if Caused by Run Alone Flag
      • Tablespace Statistics for the fnd_concurrent tables
    • E-Business Applications Concurrent Manager Analysis
      • Concurrent Managers Active and Enabled
      • Concurrent Manager Processes by Workshift
      • Active Manager for Applications that are not Installed/Used
      • Total Target Processes for Request Managers (Excluding Off-Hours)
      • Request Managers with Incorrect Cache Size
      • Concurrent Manager Request Summary by Manager
      • Check Manager Queues for Pending Requests
      • Check the Configuration of OPP
  • Identifies Concurrent System Setup and configurations
  • Identifies and recommends Concurrent Best Practices
  • Easy to add Tool for regular Concurrent Maintenance
  • Execute Analysis anytime to compare trending from past outputs

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