Sunday, December 21, 2014

EBS R12 -- 5-byte UTF8 encoding not supported.

Using EBS XML reports, you may encounter problems because of junk characters..
You may see  "5-byte UTF8 encoding not supported." in your OPP logfile..
When you encounter such a problem, you may see that your PDF or RTF output is not produced.. You may see only an XML output.. In other words; this problem will make OPP not be able to produce the desired output..
Also , the functionals or developers will directly send this problem to us (Apps Dbas).. They will redirect this problem to us, as they may think that it is related with configuration..
Here I m writing this post to state the real thing that causes theses type of  problems. As mentioned in my first sentence, the problem arises because of junk characters..
Junk characters such as �..
That �.. for example corresponds to 11111000 in ISO 8859-1 character set , and this creates the problem as when the bytes are converted to UFT8..
I mean the parser sees 11111000 and then thinks that it is a start of a 5 byte UTF8 sequence.

The solution can be replacing this character in Sql .. Using char() ..

That 's it.. I hope you will find this useful.

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