Wednesday, January 21, 2015

EBS R12 -- Gather Info about Installed Modules, Product installation statuses, Patchset Levels and more -- adutconf.sql

In order to check installed, not installed or shared modules in EBS , you can use adutconf.sql located in  $AD_TOP/sql directory.
Besides the information about the installation status of EBS products, adutconf.sql provides information about the patch level of the products, their associated Db Schema Names, localization module information , registered data groups , Base language , additional languages and NLS settings, as well..

To use the adutconf script;

Just connect the application server using Application Owner OS user (i.e applmgr)  and use sqlplus to connect the database with apps user..

Example run:

sqlplus apps/apps @$AD_TOP/sql/adutconf.sql

Here is an example output snip of the adutconf.sql , which was executed in an EBS 12.2.4 environment.

As you see in the above picture, this output seems quite handy for checking the patchset level of the EBS products while performing a prereq checks and/or compatability checks while making EBS patching analysis..

It can also be included in the health-check reports.

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