Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rdbms -- Oracle Client-Server / Dblink compatability matrix -- 11g to 8i dblink

Following is a compatability matrix gathered from Oracle Support.

It is client-server compatability but it is also applicable for server to server dblinks..

Here is the full version of the matrix;

For database links between different Oracle versions connections must be supported in BOTH directions in the matrix above.
Client / Server Interoperability Support Matrix for Different Oracle Versions (Doc ID 207303.1)

So , what we can do for reacing an 8i Oracle Database from 11gR2 then?

Since the database links directly from 11g to 8i is not supported (same for : from 8i to 11gR2) , we can implement an indirect solution for this.
I mean, we can put a database which is supported with these versions(11gr2 and 8i) in terms of db links, and use it as our intermediate database to connect from 11gR2 to 8i using db links.

Using a 9iR2 and 10gR2 seems to be okay for this.

The flow can be something like the following;

11gR2 db ( reach the synonyms in intermediate database. These synonyms will be directing us to the tables in 8i database using dblinks defined in the intermediate database) --->INTERMEDIATE db (Snyonyms directing to the 8i database using dblinks) ---> 8i database

Note that ; even if we can build a solution using the intermediate database method explained above, we can still face with problems in some specific operations. But it is worth to try.

Anyways; I will test this configuration, and update this post as soon as possible.

 Yes! 10gR2 can be used as an Intermediate database.. We have used 10gR2 as Intermediate database; and could able to connect a 11gR2 database to a 8i database using dblinks, with the method described above..

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