Monday, March 9, 2015

EBS R12 -- OAF NLS Character problem, Reviewing NLS related profiles

You may encounter a stange problem in OAF screens..
That is , you may save your new records with your language specific characters , but when you query these records you will see garbage characters instead of those special characters..
Like described in the following picture;

The issue is there for the scenarios;

When you reach the page Employee Self Service -> Personal information , insert a new empoloyee record with your special characters and press submit button..
When you reach the page Employee Self Service -> Personal information , update the employee info with some words with your special characters and press submit button..

Okay.. I will keep short . So , if that 's the case; and if your environment is setup properly to store those special characters; then I can say that the problem is caused by the ICX: Client IANA Encoding profile..

So, it is important to know the profiles but it is also important to know their usages..
In other words; it is important decided to which profiles to control in a problematic scenario..
For example : for this specific scenario, as we know the character is configured properly and as we know that the problem is in html based oaf screens, we suspect from the Client IANA Enconding and check that one..

So, this problem as I have mentioned about was caused by ICX: Client IANA Encoding profile.
It was set to Ascii , and the fix was setting it to "Turkish (ISO-8859-9)" .. (The environment was turkish, the problematic chars were turkish chars..)

Okay.. Lastly, I wil share bunch of EBS  profiles which may affect our clients..
You can check "Globalization Guide for Oracle Applications Release 12 (Doc ID 393861.1)" for more info..

Profile Option Name
ICX: Client IANA Encoding
IANA character encoding used with displays for HTML-based Applications products
For a general description of IANA encoding, visit the IANA web site.
ICX: Date format mask
Date format
ICX: Date language
Date language
Not recommended for use in Release 12. Exists for backwards compatibility.
ICX: Language
Language preference for certain components such as Workflow
Type of sort for character data
Sorting other than binary is not supported in Release 12.
ICX: Numeric characters
Decimal separator and grouping separator for number presentation. The characters are specified in the following format:
Commonly "10,000.00" for the US and Asia
Commonly "10.000,00" for parts of Europe.
ICX: Preferred Currency
ISO Currency code
ICX: Territory
Territory setting, which determines cultural conventions such as local time, date, numeric, and monetary conventions
Server Timezone
Time zone on the database server.
This setting is available to administrators only. Time zones in Oracle Applications are handled by the database tier.
Client Timezone
Time zone on the client machine.
Time zones in Oracle Applications are handled by the database tier.
FND: Native Client Encoding
Native character encoding on the desktop client
This value is mainly used for file upload and download

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