Tuesday, March 17, 2015

EBS R12 -- XML reports "ancestor-or-self" causes performance problems

In EBS , we usually have performance problems when our reports triggered from the concurrent requests have a lot of data to process. 
We deal with these performance problems in different way. Sometimes, they can be fixed by updating some java parameters and sometimes we give some arguments to the concurrent request as workarounds.
Here is a situation as an example for this:

Anyways, in this post, I will write about something different.. Specifically, impact of using "ancestor-or-self" in the reports templates..

So, if you may have performance problems in your Custom XML reports, I suggest you to check the ancestor-or-self usage..
If your report takes no time in the database, but waits for the OPP to process; then you may be hitting this. Note that: You may encounter these kind of performance in the standard reports, too..(For Ex: XML publisher OM reports )
There are patches present in Oracle Support for the standart request though.
On the other hand; if that is the case for a custom report; then you need to check if "ancestor-or-self" is used in your template, because it creates performance problems..  You can use direct references instead of using ancestor-or-self..
The bug 10172653 represents this issue.

For more details, you can check the following support notes:

R12: Troubleshooting Known XML Publisher and E-Business Suite (EBS) Integration Issues (Doc ID 1410160.1)
Requests Are Taking Time Due To "ancestor-or-self" Tag Used In RTF (Doc ID 1579418.1)
Performance Issue In INVARCLI_XML Report (Doc ID 1558834.1)
R12: Performance Issue With Matching Holds Report By Buyer Report (XML) With XML Data Output (Doc ID 1637962.1)
Order/Invoice Detail Report (XML) is performance intensive (Doc ID 1481575.1)
INVIRSIQ_XML - The Concurrent Manager Has Timed Out (Doc ID 1488353.1)

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