Thursday, April 2, 2015

EBS 12.2 -- Dealing with the translation problems in Forms, NLS translated version of forms not compiled

A little piece of information may save you time and may save you from expending energy while dealing with EBS problems..
Here is a forms screen , which is displayed in English, altough we login in the EBS using Turkish language..
The form is opened without any problems, but there was no translation in the form, all the labels, buttons and evertying are in english, which is the default language of EBS.

Normally, one can think that this can be a translation problem, and start analyzing ldt files, requesting nls patches, applying turkish nls patches, applying the translated versions of the recently applied EBS patches and so on.. This may take some time, and require an effort..

On the other hand, if the dba has the necessary knowledge, he/or she can understand the problem very quickly, and take the corrective actions in less than 30 mins for this problem..

For example; in this problem ; we have all the labels , buttons and fieds displayed in English, even the name of the form is written in English.. So the question should be -> Is this form the real one? I mean Is this the form the translated one? This question is the key.
This will direct us to take the following actions and solve the problem easily:

  • Check the module path that is related with the problematic forms : in the case above it is FA
  • Go to the NLS folder of the forms in the module top. (in this case TR)
  • Check the fmx file? Are the fmx files there?
  • If they will not use adadmin to compile the forms for the problematic module (in this case FA)

The required info for building such an action plan is that " EBS displays the forms in the English language if it cant find corresponding fmx files in the translated Language"
The needed info to suspecting the fmxs, is that ; "if the problematic forms as a whole are diplayed in English, then this may be related with the fmx files.."

So at the bottom line; having the experience and having the little but important information may save you time, may may save you from expending energy ..

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