Thursday, May 28, 2015

EBS 12.2 -- Notification Mailer, workflow validation error occurred // after cloning an IMAP-SSL enabled environment

If you have an IMAP SSL Enabled EBS 12.2, then you may hit this problem ..

The problem may arise after a successful clone operation, exactly when you try to start the Workflow Notification mailer in your newly cloned environment.
No matter what you do from OAM, you will end up with this.
I mean you may disable IMAP and SSL checkbox, but OAM will still report this validation error..
The error in the OAM pages will be "workflow validation error occurred please check indicated fields below", and the indicated field will be the SMTP / outbund server's textbox, which is actually unrelated..

The cause of this error is the Workflow SSL configuration which comes from the source environment..

So if you have a IMAP-SSL Enabled EBS, you better watch out this, and add the action plan given below in to your Cloning documents.

A similar approach is documented for and I can say that it applies to EBS 12.2 and 12.1, too..

Unable To Perform The Workflow Mailer Configuration As It Keeps Giving "Validation Error Occured" (Doc ID 603954.1)

Anyways.. The cause of the issue is Workflow mailer's IMAP-SSL related parameters and they must be modified from the backend in order to fix this.

The parameter to be modified are;

SSL Trust store -> none

Inbound SSL Enabled -> N 

The utility to be used for this modification is "afsvcpup.sql"

So, for the solution;

Stop the Workflow Services (Agent Listeners and Mailer)
From the Application Tier operating system -- As application owner run ->

sqlplus apps/apps @$FND_TOP/sql/afsvcpup.sql

Choose 10006 for the Workflow mailer
Choose "10243 SSL Trust Store" Set to "NONE"
Choose "10240 "Inbound SSL Enabled" Set to "N"
If your Outbound is also SSL enabled;
Choose "10244 Outbound SSL Enabled" Set to N

Start the workflow services..

Note that: Setting SSL Trust from OAM is nıot possible.. It can be set only by using the backend script $FND_TOP/sql/afsvcpup.sql.
It must set before setting up the Mailer, otherwise IMAP server setup may not pass the validation checks made in OAM. Ref: How to Set Mailer Parameter MAILER_SSL_TRUSTSTORE ? (Doc ID 444946.1)

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