Tuesday, May 26, 2015

EBS -- Workflow Notification Mailer -- IMAP emails to be deleted

Writing this blog post regarding the IMAP emails sitting on the IMAP Email Server mail boxes..
As you may know, we require an IMAP account , an INBOX folder , a DISCARD folder and a PROCESS folder in order to make our Workflow Notification Mailer 's IMAP thread/inbound run properly..

When the users respond the notification mails via their Mail transfer agents, these IMAP folders get populated..
Notification mailer regularly checks the INBOX of its associated Imap account to see if there are any incoming emails.. If it finds an incoming email, it takes it to the PROCESS folder and do the processing.. If it sees an email which is not related with its workflow services, it takes that mail in to the DISCARD folder..
So basically, it does not delete anything..
That's why if there is a quota defined by the Mail Server admin, then this may be a problem..
In this context, we can say that these IMAP folders should be regularly cleared by the Mail Server Administrators..
This can be a manual operation as well as it can be automated using some rules..
That is, Mail Server Admins can define mail box rules to manage these email automatically..
They can use their rules to archive/delete the emails sitting on Notification Mailer's IMAP account automatically..
Ofcourse, necessary emails should not be deleted during this process.
The retention policy should be identified by the Business Users and Project members..
This solution is necessary because Oracle Workflow Services does not have a standart method for dealing with this.
There is a comprehensive e-mail response management system called Email Center .. It can be used in EBS, but even the Email Center does not do this job..

Ref: Oracle

Email Center does not delete emails from the Oracle Processed folder on the Email Server. Purging the Oracle Processed folder needs to be performed by the Email Server Administrator and can be achieved via server side rules.

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