Thursday, June 4, 2015

EXADATA - Naming

This is not a secret but it s worth writing as we are dealing with these systems and try to memorize the names of them. Naming like X/X5-2 used for specifiying the Exadata Machine type , is also used for Oracle 's 1U Servers too.. ( Oracle Server X5-2) These servers have intel CPUs..
So, this makes X to be associated with intel/x86 and 5 is used to represent the actual version and 2 is for the CPUs per machine.

In addition, it seems the name derived by the CPUs in compute nodes..

That is, the Cpus used in compute nodes states the full machine name.
Look at Oracle Supercluster T5. It has both SPARC and INTEL cpus but its name is T5..

This is because although Intel Cpus are used in its storage servers, its compute nodes have Sparc T5 processors..

So X represents the Intel X86 CPUs used in Exadata Machine, 5 is the version of the Database Machine itself and -2 or -8 are the physical CPUs present in the Compute nodes present in Exadata. 

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