Thursday, August 20, 2015

EBS 12.2 - Adop Reports, adopreports

Recently found an utility when I was going around the EBS filesystem. The utility is called adopreports and can be executed as follows.
The utility can be used to do a list of thing without using any other utilities such as Toad and sqlplus.
You can check table details, indexes on a table and more. But, It is actually based on patching. So it is there for actually to be used during patching activities.
In short, It has several reports which can be used for diagnosing adop issues, or simply gaining knowledge about the status of your system.

Here is an example usage of it;
  [applmgr@somehost]$ adopreports

Enter the APPS username: apps
Enter the APPS Password:

    Online Patching Diagnostic Reports Main Menu

    1.  Run edition reports
    2.  Patch edition reports
    3.  Other generic reports
    4.  Exit

    Enter your choice [4]: 3

    Other Generic Reports Sub Menu

    1.  Editions summary
    2.  Editioned objects summary
    3.  Free space in important tablespaces
    4.  Status of critical AD_ZD objects
    5.  Actual objects in current edition
    6.  Objects dependencies
    7.  Objects dependency tree
    8.  Editioning views column mappings
    9.  Index details for a table
    10.  Inherited objects in the current edition
    11.  All log messages
    12.  Materialized view details
    13.  Database sessions by edition
    14.  Table details (Synonyms, EV, etc.)
    15.  Count and status of DDL execution by phase
    16.  Back to main menu

    Enter your choice [16]: 9
Enter the object name : FND_NODES

=  Indexes for FND_NODES

--------------- ------------------------------ ---- ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
APPLSYS         FND_NODES_N1                      1 NODE_ID
APPLSYS         FND_NODES_U1                      1 NODE_NAME

Above report is captured in file : /u01/install/APPSDEVEL/fs2/EBSapps/appl/admin/TEST/out/adzdshowindex.out.

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