Tuesday, December 15, 2015

EBS 11i/R12 - Concurrent Manager, Target node/queue unavailable,target_node updated as "null", RCVOLTM

Normally, when we see target node/queue unavailable reported in the status field of an EBS concurrent manager, we as Apps Dbas apply the possible solution, which is setting control code to null and setting target_node for that concurrent queue to be the application server on which the concurrent managers suppose to run.

The action plan for this kind of scenarios is as follows;

shutdown the problematic concurrent manager (it should be already shutdown actually)
  1. sqlplus apps/apps
  2. update FND_CONCURRENT_QUEUES set control_code = null  where concurrent_queue_name like %'Concurrent Manager Name%'; such as RCVOLTM
  3. update FND_CONCURRENT_QUEUES set TARGET_NODE='<correct node >'   -> the name of the application server where CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME='Concurrent Manager Name'; such as RCVOLTM
  4. commit;
  5. Start the problematic concurrent manager
On the other hand, this may not solve your problem, if the binaries which is executed the Concurrent Manager is problematic.
This was happen to me while starting Receiving Transaction  Manager in a newly cloned environment. 
I have seen the target node/queue unavailable status in the manager's status column, and directly applied the above action, but the action plan didn't solve my problem and everytime when I have restarted the concurrent manager, the target_node column was updated to null automatically.
Then, I relinked the RCVOLTM ( or I could relink all the application programs using adadmin) and then applied the above action plan and the problem dissapeared.

So, if a target_node is updated to null automatically during restarting a concurrent manager , then most probably, the binary/underlying program bound to that concurrent manager is corrupt. Execute it by hand to see the problem, relink/compile to solve the problem.

So, that was the tip of the day. It worths to write it as there is no documentation for that.

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