Sunday, January 24, 2016

ODA - Using ACFS for storing database is a must in ODA X5

Here is an important information for you, who purchased ODA X5 and planning to migrate EBS instances to the ODA environment.
Be aware that you will have to use at least an Oracle Database and you will have to use ACFS for storing the EBS database.

Reference Oracle:

Oracle Database Appliance introduces a fundamental change in the storage layer – the introduction of Oracle ACFS. Oracle ACFS is designed to deliver the best performance for Oracle databases. Oracle ACFS supports the creation of filesystem snapshots – a feature that vastly simplifies the creation of space efficient database clones. Going forward, new databases should only be created on ACFS filesystems in a new ODA deployment scenarios

Reference Oracle Support:

X5-2 does NOT support database versions (except ACFS DB created from ODA onwards) and Only (with ODA onwards), and databases are supported must run on ACFS. Reason: X5-2 contains 4TB disks which exceed the 11.2 ASM disk size limit of 2TB. Running 11.2 databases on ASM will lead to data corruption, regardless of the OAK version. While OAK will prevent creation of unsupported databases, OAK did not. If you have created any unsupported or ASM DBs on X5-2, you must immediately upgrade to, or and manually migrate from ASM to ACFS.


  1. Hi Arsalan
    I am working on Migrating EBS environmnet from Dell server to ODA X52.
    ODA is supporting DB only and i have to migrate database to ODA so my question is what are the options? keep in mind that the option to upgrade DB first on Dell server is not available for me due to some other constraints.

  2. database will probably work with the binaries, but it will be not a supported conf. Having (without .15) will be an unsupported configuration for ODA X5.2.
    You should also check your ODA version. These statements are true for ODA and onwards.
    What you can do is one of the following;

    1) You can create a home on ODA and use expdp/impdp to migrate your source databases to ODA.. You don't have to do any upgrade here.
    2) You can create a oracle home on ODA. Then you can migrate your database to ODA using this newly created oracle home. Once you migrate your database to the ODA machine using the oracle home, you can immediately upgrade your home/database to be, to be supported.

  3. Thanks Arsalan for the quick reply.
    ODA X5.2 is just arrived and waiting to be configured and i hope this will be latest and greatest ODA version.
    Another question about ODA architecture related. We will use Virtualize environment on ODA. Due to licence constraints((We can only use 4 core on each Physical Node) we will use 2 VM for AppsTier and 1VM for DB. On the DB VM we will create 2 Oracle Home one for EBS and another for Non-EBS DB.
    My question is do you see any concern about 2 Oracle_Home on same DB VM? what is your advise keeping in mind we only have 4 core to use on each Node?

    1. Malik,

      if you need assistance; please open an issue in to my forum using the link below;

      you will see bunch of categories there, open your issue into the related category. Thanks.


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