Saturday, January 23, 2016

EBS 12.2 -- downloading EBS 12.2.5 from

Here is a quick tip for you.
With the latest enhancements, it is a little different to download EBS from
That is; we don't have a link or selection for downloading EBS 12.2 directly in edelivery.
In order to download EBS 12.2.5, we choose a product that is delivered within the EBS and only after then edelivery brings us EBS 12.2.5 download urls.
Just like we did in the following example screens.
As seen, we choose Oracle Financial to reach the EBS 12.2.5 download page.
Note that : EBS 12.2.5 delivers an Oracle Database, which can be cosidered good in terms of RDBMS support policies.
It is even good for  ODA X5 customers, as the latest ODA (ODA X5) wants us to use ACFS for storing our database files, so having a ACFS-supported Database by default is an advantage.

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